Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank you, NYM

This is the perfect article:

It allows me to join in mocking the joke of a "news" outlet that is the NY Observer while also:

  1. Not having to write about sex on my professional blog (not done).
  2. Not linking to the joke of a "news" outlet that is the NY Observer. Because you read both NY Mag's funny, derisive article and The Observer'
  3. It's TRUE. And funny.

Phew. Not kidding, I've been debating this all day.
OK, let the playground revelry begin. Again.


  1. This inspires me. I think I'll write a fill-in-the-blanks article and sell it through syndication to worthless local rags all over the country. I can fill it with SEO content and it will flood the internet. I'll be rich, famous, derided. Okay, maybe not.

  2. The "Observer" article is really making the rounds on Flakebook today. Now I have an even *better* link to "share." Gotta give big love to virtual one-upsmanship!

    Mwa-ha-ha! AWESOME!

    Thanks! >:)