Friday, March 4, 2011

Contest Winners!

Everyone, thanks for the HUGE response on Monday to La Vie's launch. I'm excited, I'm glad to see you guys are too. You had some great ideas and requests. Here are a couple that I'm looking to feature soon:

Rena at 6:13am had a great idea for a chat session. There are a lot of these out there already, especially on Twitter, but I'd like to get one going as well. Maybe Twitter, maybe not.

A bunch of people asked about blogs: how to start them, build them, what to put on them. That's a broad topic that we'll cover a lot. So thanks to Linsey @ 7:33, Jodi @7:42, Amy at 7:41, and MaryBK @9:23 for mentioning. And to someone I'm sure I missed.

Jenn M @7:39 mentioned illustration-heavy books and what sorts of things are popping up to enhance their already rich interfaces online. The answer: AWESOME stuff.

RelicDefender @1:48 asked about the way that different genres are reacting to the online world. There are a lot of genre-specific sites and developments. We'll get into those.

The Winners!
  1. Aimee @ 6:58am--short fiction markets are expanding due to the rise of online journals, etc. A lot of writers write both long and short form, so talking about selling your short stuff is of interest to many. And surprisingly pitfall heavy.
  2. ElizaFaith @7:33--Choose Your Own Adventure books. My head exploded. So. Many. Options.
  3. Tracey @ 1:28--Piracy. Obviously, important topic. I think I'll probably have some surprising opinions on the matter.
Winners, email me at the proseblog email! Let me know whatcha want.

Thanks guys!

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