Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog Selling

Book Bloggers, you may just have been recognized as the integral part of the industry that you are.

It's hand selling 2.0. It's Blog Selling.


  1. My question: What comes first--The author or the blog? Does he have 3000 people reading his blog because he is a known author? (When I can't even get my mom to visit mine.) Or does he have 3000 fans of his book because of the popularity of his blog?

  2. Successful blogs 1. identify an audience 2. regularly produce (new!) content that that audience wants to hear.

    So first think about who you want to talk to: Readers? Maybe you need to do some reviews or author interviews? Writers? Maybe you feature conference information?

    Getting the word out is important too. Tweet your posts once in the morning, once in the afternoon (not more!).

    Then watch your analytics. What posts give you the most hits? Then adapt. Blogging is an evolutionary process.