Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is an Agent Worth It? Doing the Math

Full Disclosure: There will be no math in this post, or on this blog, ever, if I can help it (except for that one P&L post).

It's the holy grail, right? You bypass that ol' agent game and go straight to the source! Simon! Or Random! Or Harper...ahem.


  1. Argh. Sometimes it's hard to explain what an agent does, why you need one and why they're worth every dime they earn (and I do mean "earn."). After my experience as an actor, sometimes represented and sometimes not, I would not embark on any artistic contract without an agent in my corner.

  2. Agreed! I would only navigate these murky literary waters with a strong agent at my side.

    A great agent does their job well so that I can do my job well (write). If you choose to go the self-pub route, you do it all, you're your own agent, promoter, and editor.

    As for me, I'll be attempting the traditional route and seeking the help of a wise agent.