Monday, November 14, 2011

Query Etiquette

A lot of people ask me how long they should wait after a rejection to requery the rejecting agent.

That timeframe depends on what you'd be querying when you do requery. A new project? A new draft of the old?

If it's the latter, a new draft of an already-queried book, I'd say you should wait at least a year. And in that time you should be revising and using beta readers to figure out how the book can be made genuinely better. We all know my opinions on too-quick revision. (If not, read the #AskAgent archives)

If it's a new project, I say you can requery immediately, so long as the book is ready. Meaning it's been read, revised, read by beta readers, revised, let sit, revised again, and then queried.

A different project, for me, is a fresh start.


  1. I know the usual advice is to let the agent know if you're re-querying with a revised project, but is that still necessary if it's been closer to two years? Any suggestions on how to word that without going into too long an explanation?

    Thanks for the advice!

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