Friday, August 26, 2011

Queries of a different sort...

Yesterday was so much fun that I vote it become a Thursday institution on this blog. All those in favor? All those opposed? OK. It's settled.

Thanks so much for all the questions, everyone, and let's tune in next week for a discussion of self-/indie publishing and the relationship to traditional/agented publishing. Are they symbiotic? Mutually exclusive? The basics are covered in yesterday's comments section, so take a look there if you're wondering. But does anyone have any follow ups to yesterday's discussion of the matter? Let's make sure I answer them next week!!

Yay collaboration!


  1. Yesterday's post was great! Thanks so much for answering all the questions. I'm in favor. :)

  2. A regular Thursday #AskAgent here would be awesome. I copied some of your answers and intend to quote you in a talk I'm giving on social media for writers. I'll spread the word about the Thursday feature.

  3. Raising right hand and saying "Aye" per my trusty copy of Robert's Rules...

    Thanks for your answers yesterday! Looking forward to more Q&As in the coming weeks :)

  4. I would especially appreciate the time to think of a question--I can easily think of questions specific to my situation, but need that extra time to put them in a universal context so that they help others also.

  5. Argh- sorry! The way my posts came through in my reader, I thought yesterday's post was today. Yes, in favor!