Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you queried me at FinePrint Literary Management (for Janet)

I haven't responded to everyone who was in touch with me at FPLM. I know, you're wondering where the heck I've gotten to and whether I even remember you because we were like this!! True! and I really liked your book! I am getting to it.

If, in the meantime, you've done any of the following:
  • Gotten an agent.
  • Signed with a publisher.
  • Requeried Janet and gotten a request from her.
Please let me know. If you've got a success story and want to share it publicly here, please do!! I'd love to hear. If you want to email me directly about SOMETHING YOU SUBMITTED WHILE I WAS AT FPLM, do so at the blog email: proseblog[@]theGoogleemail[dot]com. If you email to ask anything regarding an open submission here at Lowenstein, please do so at the assistant[@]bookhaven[dot]com email--re-forward your original Lowenstein query so that the whole thing is together, please.

Just as a note, if you have any of those bullet points happen at any point in any query process, you should tell all agents it affects. Just FYI.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!


  1. Hi Meredith - can you please clarify what FPLM is? Thanks!

  2. FinePrint Literary Management would be my guess.