Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Got Tha Power

I met tonight with an incredibly bubbly, bright, talented, idea-filled young woman to discuss a couple of projects, both book-related and non (hope to be able to tell you all about her very, very soon!!). At the end of our conversation, she asked "So, hypothetically, what happens if no one (as in publishers) wants this?"


"Well, we do it ourselves," I answered.

The way that content is being produced and consumed is at such an exciting crossroads. This of course doesn't apply only to books--at all. But I actually think that's one of the most exciting parts. Written words, video, still images, drawings...the list goes on. It can all be integrated. The ways you can tell your story are literally limitless.

Don't be scared. Find professionals to collaborate with; blazing a new trail is always about finding the right people to do the right jobs. But don't be scared.


  1. Don't be scared! One more hurrah, Meredith, and then it's time to be brave. I'm loving your blog :)

  2. hi... good day. i love your posts here... and i can relate. in fact, i would love to see you drop by on my blog, also, ikilledthepurplemonster.blogspot.com .i hope u can visit there and we can share thoughts... i'm rowj.

  3. This sounds incredibly interesting, Meredith. Albeit a tad cryptic. :)

    Love it!