Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crazy, Crazy Shit

Yesterday, several blogs/news outlets posted outraged reactions to Equal Opportunity Publications' announcement that they would name KBR, a Houston-based energy company, a top employer for women in 2011. Despite the fact that KBR has 9 pending sexual assault lawsuits against them. One of the most grievous and tragic is detailed here. There are also links back to previous reports so you can trace the full story, should you care to. I recommend you only do so if you have a strong stomach.

You can contact EOP's CEO, John Miller III, at
jmiller [at] eop [dot] com
to protest. I hope you do. But come on, don't be crazy yourself. Cussing him out or threatening him will only undermine us.

You can contact KBR directly here. But it's only a generic form. Again, be smart about how you express yourself. Be eloquent. Be outraged. Don't be violent or profane.

I hope you'll add your voice, and I hope you'll share this.


  1. This is so a mind-f***ing, batshit crazy-evil, it's hard to get your brain around it. I'm spreading the word.

  2. Oh, God. Don’t get me started. Any of the big corporations that send women to dangerous Middle Eastern countries are just cruisin’ for a major bruisin.’

    When I worked in Big Awl – based out of Hellston, of course -- I found that energy corporations varied when it came to ethics. Some won’t consider transferring women to Middle Eastern countries – like the small (and now defunct, surprise!) oil & gas I worked for. Some wouldn’t send married men with families; others would let married men go overseas, but families remain stateside. Others, like my EX-Ex-Ex!!!-husband’s company, for which I would have had to work, was all too willing to plant both of us in Saudi.

    (I could also mention that the hazard pay that goes along with these positions is well in the seven digits for some of these employees. Hence, the lure.)

    I’m amazed that people are surprised this happens, given where the corporation is headquartered and where the actual transgression took place. This is Hellston we’re talking about. It has its own little playbook that we in the Bowl of Blue cannot figure out.

  3. My heart breaks for this woman. I hadn't heard of her story before. I'm not surprised to hear the name Halliburton tied to something so twisted.

    Is there a petition for Equal Opportunity Publications to pull the award?