Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Escaping the Slush Pile

The Slush Pile. Duhn Duhn DUHHHN!

That dreaded place from which it may feel impossible to escape. Particularly after 10 years.

Over at The Atlantic, Dan Josefson talks to my friend and wonderful writer of many types, D.B. Grady, about Dan's debut novel, That's Not A Feeling, which came out yesterday.

Even with a blurb from effing DAVID FOSTER WALLACE, it took ten years for the book to be published.

How long have you been on sub?

Also: watch Dan's book trailer.


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  2. Ah, Meredith. You were one of the first submissions for me. So all told, 4+ years and many revisions. Your comments put me on the right path. BTW--going to BEA? I'd like to stop by your booth to say thank you.


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