Monday, January 2, 2012

Still Closed To Queries

So, we'd decided that we were going to be back open to queries on the first. And I am proud to announce that I currently have 0 unread queries in my inbox, a huge achievement considering how many I had in May of this year.

However, I still have about 15 requested manuscripts that I need to work through and I think that it's best if I take one more week to take care of those before I open to the influx of queries that will descend upon me whence I reopen.

So, if you sent me a query any time since I've been at Lowenstein Associates, you should have heard from me. If you haven't heard, you can requery when I reopen next week. If you haven't heard back about a requested manuscript, you will between now and next Monday.

I've also responded to all submissions stemming from my Writer's Digest webinar in November.

Happy New Year!

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