Monday, October 15, 2012

Easier said than done?

Whenever a big book deal is announced, especially when the beneficiary is a celebrity, there's always blogosphere strife. People arguing that they were paid too much. That they can't really write. That publishing is a nepotistic, taste-bereft land of the quick dollar.

Here's a very nice video responding to that.

But, is this suggestion easier given than received? After months, sometimes years, of rejection, can one just forget about the book deal and write?


  1. AWESOME. As I just said on Twitter, authors are my heroes.

  2. Something I'm doing now with writing. Tried it with horses and it didn't work out so well unfortunately.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing that video - it's spot on!

  4. Stunning. Glorious. Thank you for this.

    This runs counter to advice I've heard for students who want to be writers... to major in something that will support them so that they can write what they want to write in their spare time (as opposed to majoring in creative writing, etc.) And yet I think that finding the balance there may be the answer for writers, a job that you like doing so that you can afford the thing you love doing--writing--until it pays for itself?

    A lot to ponder.

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