Monday, March 12, 2012

Learn to Blog in 90 Minutes!

Courtesy of yours truly and Writer's Digest. I'll be teaching a webinar about all the essentials and best practices for author blogs, including shedding some light on how agents use the blog to troll for potential clients. Then, I'll take a look at your own blog to tell you how to optimize for the most traffic, getting readers to come back and, of course, how to tailor the blog to help you get noticed by an agent.

I've got my talking points, but I wonder: what are the most pressing questions for you? You can get as specific as you'd like.

Let me know in the comments! And, of course, you should also sign up for the webinar to learn the answers!!


  1. Congrats on your new job, and I’m looking forward to the webinar.

    I’m a social-networking nonentity. I don’t even text. That has to change.

    I’ve read your and Jane Friedman’s advice and deleted the smattering of embarrassing posts from my blog and started over with my own name, and with the intention of building my brand. As of now Words Have a Way consists of three posts, but my stack of future posts is growing.

    Before I get much deeper into the blogosphere, I’d like to make sure an aspect of my strategy is sound.

    I enjoy book blogs and I spare an ear for the industry, but I don’t want to devote a lot of time and blog space to the industry itself.

    Is it ok to exclude book reviews and industry buzz from my blog, or is there a tasteful minimum I should maintain?

  2. Still soooo bummed I can't attend.

    My focus (when I read it later) is on content. Any advice on what makes the most attractive content? Or what is "ugly" content (besides the obvious of query status and trash talking agents)?

    Can't wait to read it. Your help is really appreciated. Did I mention a thousand times about how bummed I am?

  3. Meredith, i tried to register but they only offer one method of payment so effectively it screens me out. Is it possible to obtain the info another way?
    I have five book projects on the go right now and am about to head out for two months so want to structure one of the books while blogging away (blog to book) and while adding what shows up on the trip. Would prefer to do it right since i have spent plenty of time doing it haphazardly.