Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Writer's New Year Resolutions

What are your writerly new year's resolutions for 2012?

I mean, not that it'll matter since the world is going to end next year (kidding...but, you know). :)


  1. 1)Get two more wips polished up
    2)Make an inspiration board in my office (now it's just an inspiration pile.)
    3)Above all else - have fun writing.

  2. Ahem. Make my brilliant agent some money.

  3. am going to score awesome agent - that sounds dirtier than I intend...

  4. My resolutions are to finish revising my paranormal YA novel and start querying! And, of course, to get an agent :)

  5. Get an agent (conveniently that was my resolution last year, too:) )
    Try to get more stuff published
    Write another novel?

    Get more practice writing, go to more conferences. Keep my blog up more regularly. You know, the usual :)

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  7. Still tumbling ideas. I don't have any goals set. Setting a goal tends to a psychological mind frame that it's meant to be broken. Kind of like going on a diet or quitting smoking. Instead of saying I'll do something it's better to just do it (like Nike).

  8. 1) Complete my proposal.
    2) Get an agent!

  9. I like Bonnie's :-)

  10. 1) Finish revising my YA novel.
    2) Find a print home for my digitally published picture book
    3) Attend SCBWI annual again, somehow, someway.

  11. 1) Finish my current wip.
    2) Branch out into short stories.
    3) Hang out with Bonnie. She sounds like a fun gal!